HF & NFC Epoxy Metal Tag

This tag is designed on wave-absorbing material. solving the problem that tag can’t work on the  metal surface and outside in the hard environment, It is compliant with ISO 14443A & ISO  15693, mainly applied to goods shelves management, IT asset management, inventory  management .

Product parameters
  • Model


  • Dimensions


  • Material


  • Working Temp


  • Survive Temp


  • RFID Standard

    ISO14443A & 15693

  • Chip Type

    FM 1108/Ntag213/MF 1K/I-code SLIX (Optional)

  • Memory

    64bits/192bits/512 bits/1K bits/ 4K byte

  • User

  • Read Range


  • Data Storage

    > 10 years

  • Re-write

    100,000 times

  • Customization

    Company Logo Print,Encoding,Barcode,

  • Application

    IT asset management 、Inventory management、Goods shelves management、Metallic Equipment Management,etc

Application scenario

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