UHF Tire Patch Tag

This tag developed to track fifinished tire, with unique identifification number to prevent tire theft and cloning,  It will last the lifetime of the tire. It should be attached inside the sidewall of the tire with vulcanizing agent, mainly used for bus tire, truck tire,trailer tire, etc.

Product parameters
  • Model


  • Dimensions


  • Material


  • Working Temp


  • Storage Temp


  • RFID Standard

    EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)

  • Chip Type

    Alien Higgs-3

  • EPC Memory

    96 bits

  • User Memory

    512 bits

  • Read Range(2W ERP)


  • Data Storage

    > 10 years

  • Re-write

    100,000 times

  • Customization

    Encoding,Designing etc

  • Application

    Bus tire tracking 、 Truck tire tracking、Automobile factory tire tracking 、Logistic vehicle management, etc.

Application scenario

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