UHF Spring Tire Tag

This tag is developed to be embedded within the tire during the manufacturing process, it will last the  lifetime of the tire. With unique identifification number can be tracked to prevent theft and cloning.It also  can be embedded into other items in producing process. Such as trunk,box,etc,Its advantage is small  size, resist at least 200,etc.

Product parameters
  • Model


  • Dimensions


  • Material

    Steel wire

  • Working Temp


  • Storage Temp


  • RFID Standard

    ISO/IEC 18000-6C (EPC Gen2)

  • Chip Type

    Alien Higgs-3

  • EPC Memory

    96 bits

  • User Memory

    512 bits

  • Read Range(2W ERP)


  • Data Storage

    > 10 years

  • Re-write

    100,000 times

  • Customization

    Encoding,Designing etc

  • Application

    Tire factory control 、Tire asset tracking、Automobile factory tire tracking 、Logistic vehicle management, etc.

Application scenario

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