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    HF RFID Tag
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    RFID Sensor

Application area


  • Logistics warehousing

    With the development of economic globalization and the rapid rise of Internet economy, the global logistics service industry is also facing great challenges

  • Asset management

    RFID technology has greatly improved the management of fixed assets. When purchasing equipment, the assets are bound with RFID electronic tags for life cycle control.

  • Industry wisdom made

    RFID electronic tags on the production line use RFID technology to realize automatic control in the production line. RFID tags accurately record process information and process operation information.

  • Clothing retail

    With the rapid development of FID technology, UHF, as one of the frequency bands in RFID technology, has been recognized and used in more and more fields.

  • Medical safety

    RFID technology has broad application prospects in medical information management. At present, the hospital's demand for medical information management is inseparable.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Kyrplink (shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

   Kyrplink(Shenzhenz) Technology Co.,Ltd,  is an RFID tag manufacturer which is specialized in designing and manufacturing RFID tags  for asset tracking management, retail, IT, warehouse, logistic, apparel and healthcare etc.

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