Clothing Retail

Clothing retail

RFID technology from garment production, processing, quality control, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, sales,and other aspects of information management. how RFID UHF technology will create a new field of garment management.

The rapid development of RFID technology has been recognized and used by more and more fields. As one of the frequency bands in RFID technology, UHF has been widely used due to non-contact, long reading distance, fast recognition, and a large amount of stored data.

RFID technology from clothing production, processing, quality control, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, sales, and other aspects of information management.

RFID UHF technology will be how to create a new field of clothing management. 

1Apparel RFID anti-counterfeiting function

In the RFID clothing management production process, the use of the UHF RFID card issuer will be a single piece of clothing with some significant attributes such as: The name, grade, article number, model, fabric, lining, washing method, implementation standard, commodity number, and inspector number are written into the corresponding electronic labels, and the electronic labels are attached to the clothing. RFID electronic tags give each piece of clothing unique ID numbers, which can effectively solve the problem of clothing anti-counterfeiting.

2Apparel RFID warehouse management

UHF RFID technology is non-contact identification, with the characteristics of simultaneous identification of a tag, which can be read fleetly through the UHF RFID reader identification, enormously improving the efficiency of logistics. The use of UHF RFID technology in the storage management of RFID clothing management can realize the visual management of all management units, which can greatly shorten the time of packaging, handling, inventory, and statistics, to reduce cargo loss, accelerate capital turnover, and greatly improve the efficiency of storage management.

3Stockroom RFID technology inventory to avoid out-of-stock broken code

Manufacturers and clothing stores can use UHF RFID readers to conduct warehouse inventory. Customers can automatically analyze the labels read by the reader to discover the actual number of clothing of a model and color. Use this method to ensure the balance of inventory, and timely replenishment, to avoid the phenomenon of a clothing store being out of stock or broken code, and to ensure the normal demand of customers.

4Store RFID anti-theft

The internal UHF RFID reader has a relay output function, when the UHF RFID reader reads a label or a specific format, the UHF RFID reader closes the relay to trigger the external relay closure and starts the alarm or alarm indicator alarm.For RFID label anti-theft has several situations: The RFID tags need to be recycled, in which case the reader at the door triggers an external alarm when you read the tag. The RFID label of a clothing store is not recycled, the clothing store can use a UHF RFID reader to rewrite the customer purchased clothing label, define a byte of data when the byte is 0 means not purchased, rewrite 1 means purchased, when the door of the reader read the unwritten label, trigger the external alarm, and read the rewritten label, no external alarm. This can be a good solution to the misunderstanding caused by label reading and writing.

5RFID Quick Inventory

The UHF RFID reader can make a real-time inventory of goods in stock and the background of the store,  according to the area and position can generate reports, specified format data according to the actual requirements, and upload to the store management system in real-time or offline.

6RFID fast cash register

Through a fixed RFID reader or RFID handheld cashier device, customers can quickly collect information about their selected products and generate sales lists, saving the checkout time, and salesmen can use more valuable time to focus on customer service.

RFID UHF technology will create a new field of clothing management and become a big helper in clothing management. Provide full real-time dynamic tracking and query, realize rapid information transmission, provide information support for the rapid development of business, a good solution to clothing anti-counterfeiting, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

RFID technology in the retail industry application scenarios

The application of RFID technology in the retail industry focuses on five main areas: supply chain management, inventory management, in-store merchandise management, customer relationship management, and security management.

Inventory management - mainly uses fixed or mobile RFID readers to scan the goods in and out of the warehouse and on the warehouse shelves; to improve the efficiency of goods in and out, picking, and inventory; to improve the visibility of inventory to the upstream suppliers, timely supply; to link with the automatic replenishment system of the store shelves, timely replenishment, so that inventory to achieve optimization.

Self-management - Through the cooperation of RFID tags and sensors, retailers can update the sales information of goods in real time, monitor the quantity, arrangement and dynamics of goods on the shelves in order to restock shelves of goods and achieve consistency in planning and execution timeliness.

Customer Management- RFID applications are focused on both self-checkout and improving the customer's in-store shopping experience.

Security management -RFID applications are mainly focused on commodity theft prevention, followed by the use of RFID identification codes to replace the original password control the right to use IT equipment or access to certain important departments.

It is noteworthy that each RFID label has a unique ID number, and there is no need to manually read the barcode label of each product. RFID is a more automated technology that can hugely improve efficiency and improve the transparency of the supply chain without adding additional labor costs.

Application characteristics of RFID in manufacturing industry

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