Ntag RFID HF Dry Inlay

This inlay meets with ISO14443A standard, operating frequency is 13.56MHz.Each inlay has a unique ID and  stores user data.It is applied to equipment tracking,IT assets management, library management, dangerous  goods management, etc.

Product parameters
  • Antenna Size


  • Dimensions


  • Wet Inlay/Label Size

    Coated Paper/PET/Fragile Paper

  • Working Temp


  • Survive Temp


  • RFID Standard


  • Chip Type

    NXP Ntag213/215/216

  • Memory

    144/504/888 bytes

  • User

  • Read Range


  • Data Storage

    > 10 years

  • Re-write

    100,000 times

  • Customization

    Printing LOGO, Barcode, Serial number, Encoding, Designing,etc

  • Application

    IT asset Tracking 、 Library management、 Document tracking management 、Dangerous goods management, etc

Application scenario

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